About me

My name is Laura. Laura Palmer, actually. Yes, like the dead chick from Twin Peaks. Cool, huh? (My only “claim to fame” thus far, unless you count 5 seconds on Songs of Praise looking grumpy as a 9 year old, which I don’t!).

Joe is my partner, Vicky and Lee my loving parents, and my crazy brothers are Ryan and… er… Joe. (Yeah, it’s a little confusing, just go with it!)

Where are you from?

While I can often be found lying in bed with my phone on my face in my natural habitat of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, I also spend an unnatural amount of in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

What do you do?

I’m a student at Keele University, studying MSc Social and Community Psychology. By studying, I mean playing copious amounts of video games, reading lots of books, then panicking and doing assignments last-minute, naturally. It’s the only way I know how.

That’s not a proper job…

Yeah, yeah, I know. One day I’d like to be a psychologist. I’m really interested in sexuality, gender and the internet. The *ultimate* goal would probably be to become a super cool researcher! In the meantime, I’ll just stick to using my scientific know-how to form amazing  political and social arguments on my blog (you have to agree with me, it’s a page requirement!).

Why the blog?

I really like to write, and I’m always saying things. It seemed natural that I’d want to say things on the internet… where it’s permanent, and no one can tell me to be quiet. Plus this way I can write about my work and pretend I actually know what I’m doing. It’s a win-win situation!

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