I love people that don’t have all the answers.

Every time I go to restaurants, it seems to take me forever to decide what I want to eat. Usually that’s because there’s a lot of good stuff on the menu, or because I had something similar recently, or because someone else is paying and my favourite meal costs a small fortune and I’m trying to decide if it’s okay to order it. On a few occasions it’s been because there’s not been as much food on the menu as wine – I like to ask for water in those places because it messes with them, they act like they don’t even remember what water is when you ask.

Anyway, the point is, everyone always laughs at me for this. It’s gotten to the point that instead of taking my time, I copy someone else’s order because it’s easier than trying to decide while everyone is mocking me (which is really distracting). Sometimes that even leads to me eating stuff I’m just not supposed to have, and feeling super ill later. I know, I know – you’re thinking “why on Earth would you even do that it’s so stupid?”. I’m with you, buddy.

Sometimes, the world can be an incredibly demanding place. It wants answers, and it wants them RIGHT NOW. Which I can understand; I’d love to just skip ahead to the bit where we have a cure for cancer, for example. Yet in this demanding world, being in a hectic rush can actually pretty counter-intuitive. We all know that we make mistakes easily when running around like headless chickens trying to meet insane deadlines, yet somehow we still do it anyway, and frequently criticize people that don’t have meet them.

Jeez, you’d be amazed just how many times I’ve heard in my young life thus far that fence-sitting is just not allowed. (I hate that term; it almost seems like accepting parts of both arguments on a subject is not actually a decision, when it is.) Even in situations where there isn’t a clear answer, you’d better have one, buddy…

You know what? I actually love people that don’t have all the answers immediately, and sometimes aren’t totally sure what they want. They’re careful people – they’re probably engaged in a good, long debate about the pros and cons of having that steak, or whatever the debate is to be had. When they do eventually make their decision, it’s a damn good one, having been thoroughly considered. It’s something that they stick to, usually, because it’s the absolute right decision for them.

Not only is it good for individuals to take their time, but the undecided among us are good for the rest of us as well. While ever they’re ‘fence-sitting’, we still have to debate the important issues with them. We have to refine our arguments, keep producing evidence – we have to be sure before they can be sure. So when we are arguing, the same thing happens for us; we become entirely certain that what we’re saying is right, or else we’re forced to switch sides. (That’s the theory, anyway; some people are likely to just continue blindly arguing without thought.)

We need more time-takers. I freaking love those guys!

I love people that don’t have all the answers.

6 thoughts on “I love people that don’t have all the answers.

  1. i love people without all the answers because then i can give them the correct answer to any question. just kidding but i am just the opposite . i like people who can decide on a dime , they seem to really know themselves and that confidence is really attractive to me.

    1. Oh, confidence is awesome too. I’m all for knowing yourself and your own mind, too; for some people it just takes a little longer to work out what you want. I like that diversity. I like the people that mull things over too. Everyone’s different 🙂

    2. Kris Mole says:

      So if I learn how to decide on a dime, I will start attracting women with names like Angry Bitch? Sign me up!

  2. Kris Mole says:

    I ate a couple of slices of Carbonara pizza the other night cos someone brought it round as a treat for me, not knowing I’m a vegetarian. I didn’t want to tell them and make things awkward, or make them feel like they had to go out and return with something to my tastes, cos I know this person doesn’t have a lot of money, so I just ate a couple of bits of the pizza. Felt well ill afterwards. Well and ill are two words that don’t belong next to each other. Just realised. Good post, yes, good post is what I was meant to type in the comment box. Didn’t mean to type all this other mundane stuff. Good post!

    Oh yea, the bit about skipping ahead to the bit where we have a cure about cancer…… Do you think the drug industry would ever allow us to know such a cure exists?

    Good post! 🙂

    1. It’s not mundane, it’s highly entertaining!

      I’m not sure if they would; I’m certain they’d charge us a fortune for it if they did find one though. Doubt you’d get that on the NHS! :/

      1. Kris Mole says:

        I reckon if the drug industry wanted us to be there already, we would be there. But I’m just the crackpot in the corner 🙂

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